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Welcome to the site of the Carpathian Society from Transylvania, Tîrgu Mureş

Our Society (abbreviated: SCA/EKE) was founded in 1891, and it had its central office in Cluj Napoca, and 34 branch offices in other Transylvanian cities. It has been ruinated and reborn for many times from its own ashes along the years.

At the moment SCA/EKE has branch offices in 16 cities and three partner associations. It publishes a bi-monthly periodical, entitled "Erdélyi Gyopár" (Transylvanian Edelweiss). An International Summer Camp is organized by one of its branch-offices every year, in August, with more than 1200 participants. The Sacele branch-office has recently built a hut on Piatra Mare Mountain (at 1600m).

The Tîrgu Mureş branch was refunded in 1991; its activity is mainly based on environmental education and on the protection of the environment, the beauties and treasures of nature, our cultural heritage, historical monuments, and ethnographic characteristics. We organize reunions, camps, trips and youth programs (The School of Nature). We maintain the footpaths, paint route signs and place route indicators in the mountains from Mures County: the Calimani and the Gurghiului mountains. Twelve members of our organization are volunteer ecologist agents in Mures county.

Our main activities through photos:

Mountain Days: 26-28 May, 2005

Organizers: Kovács Robert, Sabin Mureşn

From the program:

Public debate at Mures county hall about the situation and perspectives of mountaineering in Târgu Mureş;

Slide-projection: Dinu Mititeanu (Four seasons in the mountains), Szekeres Gerő (Aconcagua), Climbing Mont Blanc in 2004, presented by the climbers, four mountaineers from Tâgu Mureş: Kovács Robert, Sabin Muresan, Stoica Lucian and Borbély Zoltán;

Slide-projection: Janak Peak from the Himalayas: presented by one of the members of that expedition: Török János (nicknamed: Indian Joe);

Multimedia-presentation: K2, presented by Horia Colibasanu;

Cross-country running (at Platoul Cornesti, 6km), 40 participants;

Bicycle-race, organized by Perpetuum Mobile Organization, 43 participants;

Climbing competition on artificial climbing wall, more than 40 participants;

Artificial climbing wall open for free for the public at "Weekend" entertainment center during the Mountain Days.

Partners: Târgu Mureş City-Hall; the Mureş County Council; The National Organization "Scouts of Romania", Târgu Mureş center; the Perpetuum Mobile Organization.

Sponsors: PC House, Sólyom Restaurant, Mix FM, Ego, Bella Donna, SC Mora, Groind SRL, Scopus, Carbondale.

Media partners: Antena 1, Pro TV, Radio Târgu Mureş, Zi de Zi.

The program: "The School of Nature" was initiated in 2003 by Hints Andrea, a geography teacher at School Nr. 3, then joined by other teachers, like Kerekes Ibolya, Kerekes Péter Pál, Molnár Éva, Gáspár Melinda.

The artificial climbing-wall, placed on the property of Aquaserv Club.

Information: Bartha János jr. 0746-833-385

The XII International Camp of the Carpathian Society from Transylvania (EKE)

In 2003 S.C.A. Tîrgu Mures assumed the task to organi ze the XII Camp, between 30 July and 3 August, at Răstoliţa, Mureş County.

There were 1253 participants, 45% of them came from abroad. Accommodation was possible in tents or local peasant houses. The participants could choose from a large variety of programs: hiking in C a limani or Gurghiului mountais, led by experienced mountain-guides; environmental education programs; interactive games for the children. Projections about trips, expeditions, climbs, environmental education were presented in the evenings.

A guidebook was published in order to present the most interesting and important places of the Mure s Valley (from Topliţa to Deda). 2000 guidebooks of A5 paper size and 32 colored pages were published. We also published a leaflet about the host-village, Răstoliţa.


In February 2005 we organized an exhibition of photos from Dr. Balogh Ernő's collection.

Besides our bigger projects we organize projections of slides or photos, and presentations with remarkable guest-speakers on a regular basis. We have had the honor to invite:

Mr. Eröss Zsolt, who climbed Mount Everest and other 8000m peaks

Mr. Nagy Sándor, president of the Alpine Club from Hungary

Dr. Szekeres Gerő, a mountaineer from Târgu Mureş

Mr. Szendrő Szabolcs, a mountaineer from Hungary

The participants of the "Carpathian Ridge" expedition: Mályi József, Vámos László, Mocsári László, Raţiu Krisztián.

At weekends we often go hiking mostly in the Eastern Carpathians. Some of our colleagues have been in most of the massifs from our country.

We have our weekly meetings on Wednesday, 8:00 pm, in the activity room of Focus Eco Center, Crinului street, nr.22.

Contact person: Dósa László, President of the organization, Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.

Address: Sârguinţei 10/14, Tîrgu Mureş, 540544, Romania

E-mail: Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.

TeleFax: 004-0265-211288


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